At IBT, we believe that it is time for a change in the distribution of computers and computer related peripherals. For too long we have had to put up with large distribution companies offering quick but unfriendly and all too often unhelpful distribution channels.

With splits in partnerships between disgruntled manufacturers and unreliable distributors there is the opportunity for new distribution means to be offered. The most successful distributors of recent times have been the small to medium sized companies who rely on repeat sales from satisfied customers rather than bulk volume sales to maintain a healthy turnover. These companies have been successful thanks to two key features; their knowledge of a product and their support for that product. This is the new face of IBT.

IBT has been operating since 1992. It brings with it a considerable background of experienced professionals. This experience has allowed the company to evolve into what it is today. Starting with modest ideals of becoming a stable computer retailer, IBT has grown to incorporate a medium-sized import and export division as well.

As well as the import and export division, the technical division has firm a background in networking. From the design and implementation of small peer-to-peer networks including wireless networking, all the way up to server-based solutions for larger companies, IBT has earned the reputation as a knowledgeable and respected network solution provider. IBT is an HP Government & Education Accredited Reseller and also a SONY VAIO reseller.

The experience and professionalism of IBT's employees manifests itself in many ways, the most important of which is the established client base that we have. While happy to sell to the home/end-user, IBT deals mainly with corporations, educational institutions and small-medium sized businesses.

Some of our many satisfied customers include the Australian Securities Commission, C.S.I.R.O., National Australia Bank, Moreland Community Health Services, Trinity Grammar School , Australian Unity Insurance, Australian Government Analytical Labs, Melbourne University , etc..

While IBT imports many products from overseas, we cannot import everything that is needed. However, we only use components that are reliable and have the after-sales support that customers demand. While our prices may not be the cheapest, we strive to give the best quality for the given application, and rely on service and value rather than price to sell a product. With products manufactured by companies like ASUS, GIGABYTE, SEAGATE, HP, IBM(LENOVO), SONY, VIEWSONIC and BENQ to name but a few, you can rest assured that the best quality components are used in all our solutions.

Our business is more about what value we give the product. If all you have is price, then price is all you have to negotiate with - this factor is what has seen so many computer businesses fail.

Based in Brunswick , Victoria , our large premises are close to the Melbourne CBD. This allows us to keep the necessary stock to fulfill not only on demand, but also to maintain an efficient warranty service in the untimely event that a product fails.

IBT's hope is to be one of the new leaders of distribution. Our aim is to increase our already diverse client base, but also to remain an efficient, respected and profitable business without ever growing into a huge and impersonal distribution company.